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Do you believe in Santa Claus, Do you believe in reindeer
Do you believe I'm here because, I'm bringing you Christmas Cheer

Can you imagine all of us, caroling in perfect dissonance
Trying our best to sound sincere, I'm bringing you Christmas Cheer
I picked the perfect present; it didn't cost me a cent
Taking the season seriously, bringing you merriment
Better make sure your chimney's clean
Joy to the world, I've found my dream
Mistletoe in the atmosphere, I'm bringing you Christmas Cheer
Tell me that I'm old fashioned, I wouldn't listen anyway
My new position is passion, Happy Holidays
Wondering if the snow will fall
You don't have to wonder, believe it all
Let me know when the coast is clear
I'm bringing you Christmas Cheer
I'm bringing you Christmas Cheer.


Music and Lyrics by Juan and Jennie Avila, copyright 1980 Jet Pyramid Productions
Produced by Garry Lee and Mike Tarsia.
Recorded at Morningstar Studios, East Norriton, PA.
Additional recording by Mike Tarsia at Mike Tarsia Recording, Phila., PA. and by Michael Richelle at M Studios, Phila., Pa
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Tarsia with Garry Lee at Mike Tarsia Recording, Phila., PA.
Maggie Barnett and Eric Kohlenstein assistant engineers
Greg Sover and Imani Roach: vocals
Allan Slutsky (aka Dr Licks): electric guitar
Dean Schneider: piano
Allen James: electric guitar
Tom Walling: drums
Jim Stager: acoustic bass
David Kershner: trumpet
Garry Lee: jingle bells
Eric Kohlenstein: glockenspiel
Special Thanks to: Glenn Barratt, Andrew Owens and Artie Tripp
Very Special Thanks to Annette Hardeman
Lisa Schaffer - photography
Greg Schultz - cover design
Greg and Karen Schultz- executive producers
Greg Schultz - artist representation
William (Biff) Kennedy, Charterhouse Music Group - marketing
Frank Roszak, KBA Awardee 2014 - publicist
Kevin McCall - booking


For Christmas this year, Grounded Soul Records is excited to announce the release of Christmas Cheer, an original holiday song perfect for the season, performed by Greg Sover and featuring vocalist Imani Roach.  Written in 1980 by the husband and wife singer-songwriter team of Juan and Jennie Avila, popular staples of the Philadelphia folk/acoustic music scene at the time. Jennie Avila continues as a performer in the Maryland area, Juan Avila sadly passed away in 2007.  And the Philly music connection continues! The song lay dormant and almost forgotten until reclaimed and reimagined by producers Garry Lee (bassist for the Greg Sover Band) and Mike Tarsia (former engineer at Philly's famed Sigma Sound Studios). The perfect pairing for the soulful vocals of blues-rocker Greg Sover and the jazz/swing tinged soprano voice of Philly singer Imani Roach of the RnB/Soul band York Street Hustle. There is something in their voices that blend perfectly, creating just the right mood and doing justice to the original version. Christmas Cheer harkens back to the classic genre of the "call and response" male/female vocal duo and features the tightly woven harmonies the writers were known for. With playful, clever lyrics, filled with innuendo and sentiments of the season, Christmas Cheer is a musical "dance" between a man and woman teetering on the edge of a romantic encounter on perhaps one very magical Christmas Eve. Back and forth, yes or no?? At its heart, Christmas Cheer is a catchy pop song, with a modern take on the jazz/swing flavor of songs from the "golden age" of Hollywood musicals and songbooks, late night cabarets, tuxedos and champagne toasts - fade to black when the inevitable first kiss finally comes. Helping to bring the song to life, along with the regular members of the Greg Sover Band. guitarist Allen James and drummer Tommy Walling, Christmas Cheer features; the trumpet of David Kershner, horn arranger for Philly musical collective "In the Pocket"; Jim Stager from Philly band Huffamoose on upright bass; Philly Pops Big Band pianist extraordinaire Dean Schneider and guitarist Alan Slutsky (aka Dr. Licks) creator of the documentary "Standing in the Shadows of Motown". Although Juan and Jennie Avila provided the template, we engaged Philly "girl group" First Choice vocalist Annette Hardeman to help bring Greg and Imani's performance to the next worked!!  We hope that Christmas Cheer will take its place alongside other favorite songs as a familiar part of your holiday soundtrack! Merry Christmas!