“HIS-STORY”  is now available from Greg Sover on Grounded Sounds Records.  The ten-song LP features eight blues, roots and rock-tinged originals and Sover is joined on two songs by legendary Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys bassist Billy Cox, a cover of “Manic Depression” and a rare track, “Remember” from the great guitarist originally recorded for the international version of Jimi’s first album, “Are You Experienced”, with limited availability in North America.

“It’s all about who loves the music,” says Greg about expanding the audience, getting more people to hear his music and see him play live. “It’s all about crossing these boundaries and bringing everyone together, whatever your race, religion or nationality. As for me, I’ve been through it all... it’s too late to stop now. Just go for it. The show must go on.”


Billy Cox/Greg Sover Interview Video and "Remember" music video credited to:

Stacie Huckeba

"HIS-STORY" PHOTOS (Credit: Stacie Huckeba)


Greg Sover; Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, 
Bass, Harmonica, Resonator 
Billy Cox; Bass 
Kenny Aaronson; Bass 
David Palan; Bass 
David Uosikkinen; Drums 
Tom Walling; Drums 
Najashi Rasheed; Drums 
Jim Salamone; Drums/Percussion, Electric Guitar, 
Wally Smith; Keyboard 
Charlene Holloway; Backing Vocal 
Brad Hinton; Lap Steel 
Jake Booker; Rhythm guitar 
Billy Cannon; Congas 
All songs written by Greg Sover*. Album produced by 
Jim Salamone and Greg Sover** *“Manic Depression” 
and “Remember” written by Jimi Hendrix, ©Experience 
Hendrix, LLC. All rights reserved. ** “Remember” 
produced by Billy Cox. ** Manic Depression produced 
by Greg Sover 
All songs recorded at Cambridge Sound Studios. 
Mixed/mastered by Jim Salamone except “Manic 
Depression” and “Remember” recorded by Mike Tarsia 
and J.W. Bunkowske. “Remember” mixed by Mike Tarsia. 
Stacie Huckeba; cover photo 
Iryna Konyk; album design